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The Galleon

Spanish River High School Newspaper

Art Editor Aryana Villela Mugnatto 


Junior Aryana Villela Mugnatto is one of artists on staff that creates drawings to accompany articles of  The Galleon. Outside of working on The Galleon staff, she likes kayaking, drawing, and helping shelter cats. Her favorite subject is AP Calculus BC. Villela Mugnatto is bilingual and the citizen of three different countries - having lived in five countries. In the future, she would like to travel the world and improve the lives of others.  

Works of 2016-2017:


"WSRH Becomes Cutting-Edge" - Issue I, Page 7

"Kristol Makes Scientific Discovery" - Issue III, Page 1


"Finding Balance: Money vs. School" - Issue I, Page 12

"Sharks Sweat it out over the Summer" - Issue I, Page 19

"Let's Be Blunt" - Issue II, Pages 4 and 5

"Pick Your Presidential Poison" - Issue II, Pages 10 and 11

"Dori Saves Lives Vows to Keep Students Safe" - Issue II, Page 13

"Modernization in Moderation" - Issue III, Pages 10 and 11

"Defining Borders" - Issue III, Pages 4 and 5

"The Price of Skinny" - Issue III, Page 13