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The Galleon

Spanish River High School Newspaper

Co-Editor-in-Chief Jared Goodman

Jared Goodman, The Galleon's Co-Editor in Chief, takes up the responsibility of being an Arts and Entertainment Editor. Goodman likes playing tennis, watching movies, reading, and being with friends. He prefers Social Studies over other school subjects and hopes to run a successful business and benefit society in some way in the future.

Works of 2016-2017:
Thoughts of a Goodman Editorial - Issue I, Page 6
"Classic Rock Never Goes Out of Style" - Issue I, Page 9
Thoughts of a Goodman Editorial - Issue II, Page 6
"Who is Spying on Us?" - Issue II, Page 9
"Jared and Ava Review Green Day's : Revolution Radio" - Issue II, Page 8
Thoughts of a Goodman Editorial - Issue III, Page 6
"Art Classes are a Must" - Issue III, Page 9 
I enjoy Nickelback. Please don't judge me.
Jared Goodman