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The Galleon

Spanish River High School Newspaper

Associate Editor/Features Editor Laney Ciaccio

Laney Ciaccio is a junior and has been on staff with the Galleon for three years. As a freshman, she worked as a News Editor, and then as a sophomore, she worked as a Features Editor. Currently, Ciaccio is working as an Associate Editor and Features Editor. Aside from journalism, Ciaccio is very interested in Aerospace Science and hopes to work for NASA one day. She has been dancing since the age of three and currently works as a dance instructor, teaching ballet to kids between the ages of three and seven. She is very excited for another year on staff with The Galleon!


"Finding Balance: Money vs. School" - Issue I, Page 12, Features
"Dori Saves Lives Vows to Keep Students Safe" - Issue II, Page 13, Features
Research: "River Needs More Than Just a Flu Shot" - Issue II, Page 1, News
"The Price of Skinny" - Issue III, Page 13, Features
"Students Test the Political Waters" - Issue IV, Page 12, Features
"Meet the New Presidential Cabinet Members" - Issue IV, Page 12, Features
"The War on Drugs Rages on" - Issue IV, Page 15, Features
"AVID Program Allows for Individualized Learning" - Issue V, Page 15, Features
"Women Break Barriers in the Workplace" - Issue VI, Page 12, Features
"Terror on the Streets of London" - Issue VI, Page 14, Currents