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Drama Department Takes a Step Back in Time by Brianna Levine

March 15, 2018

     On Wednesday, February 14th, the Theatre Department went on an excursion to FAU for the viewing of a professional performance by the Theatre Lab company of Lauren Gunderson’s The Revolutionist. This dramatic comedy took place in Paris, France during The Reign of Terror/French Revolution (1793). The cast was made up of four women who are the main characters with immensely diverse personalities. They are Olympe de Gouges (played by Niki Fridh), Marianne Angelle (played by Candice Marie Singleton), Marie Antoinette (played by Mia Matthews), and Charlotte Corday (played by Nicole Stoica). These women worked together to object the political extremist who protested the monarchy and defend women’s equality during the French revolution.

      Olympe is a playwright who comes across a writer’s block and encounters three other women who inspire her next piece of work. Marianne is a Caribbean spy/abolitionist, she consulted Olympe to write a pamphlet informing people of French intruders and the conflicts they have caused. Charlotte is an energetic young woman who had a plan to assassinate Jean-Paul Marat for a compelling cause. Charlotte goes to Olympe with hopes that she would write her last words. The comical ‘queen’ Marie was viewed an as evil to the French democracy since she was of royalty. Olympe brought Marie to reality on the casualties caused during her reign. Each was to have an inevitable date with the guillotine.

Director Matt Stabile provided insight on how it is possible to perform anywhere.

     “We wanted to be constantly surprising you,” Stabile said.

The play had funny aspects and mixed in some current trends. Freshman Jonathan Wurfbain, an involved theatre student, was impressed by the performance.

     “I thought the play was insightful. And I enjoyed when Marie Antoinette dabbed,” Wurfbain said.

     “We want to plan more trips and give the students more opportunities to experience theatre,” theater teacher Christopher Cromer remarked. In other words, theatre students can look forward to more trips like this one.

     Overall, watching this play was an entertaining, inspirational and educational experience. There was acting skills learned in class that were applied in the play, such as projecting a voice and not turning a back to the audience. It is easy to say that some students walked out with a newfound joy in theatre and acting.